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BEST CARE TREE Services is proudly located in Guelph, Ontario. We dedicate our services to the Wellington County @  and its surrounding area's.  These Arborists are community orientated and offer professional services that are specific to the needs of your trees. 

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We believe in providing a positive first impression in offering a free consultation quote for your tree needs. Click on the Contact tab to schedule an appointment with our professional crew or simply call us at 519-400-5604.

Tree Pruning or Removal

 Tree Pruning will help sustain your tree's health and natural appearance. Our Arborist can assess and provide you with the BEST pruning skills to remove unhealthy limbs and/or reduce tree illness. If your tree is damaged, disesesed or is a safety concern, we work diligently to fully remove any tree safely from your property.  

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an important part to the completion of a tree removal. Our qualified Arborist are fully equipped to do so. It's important to avoid any potential health hazards (pest or bug infestation), tripping or falling, and less interference to the root system of healthy trees. Also take in consideration, removing the stump provides space and flexibility for landscaping and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

Tree Planting or Replacement

We thrive in Environmental Stability, which in turn depending on the landscape, climate and property goals, our Arborist's can advise the "BEST tree" for the "BEST area" - what type of tree to plant and where - as well, we are able to plant small Tree Seedling's for your landscape needs.

We believe in replacing a tree for every tree removed. How do we do so? Our initiative is to give back to Tree Canada by donating $4 per tree removed to help plant a new Tree Seedling to "bolster Canada's Urban Forests."

Arbor‚Äčist Reports

We offer our credentials to advise or write up Arborist Reports for tree's that require a report to be submitted in support of development applications, including tree removals for construction and demolition permits.

ISA Certified

Our team highlights scientific and professional development gained through ISA Certification and years of experience to ensure our clients recieve the BEST service and knowledge for top quality results.

PROMO! Once we've completed your tree needs, please let us know you referred us to someone you know that also purchased a BEST CARE TREE Services priced over $500 and we will then send you a $50 local dinner card (of your choice). This is our way of saying we appreciate your business and referral! 

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